Why Are There Different RPCV Organizations Involved with the DR?
Over the years three separate organizations were established that are primarily comprised of and/or supported by RPCVs and staff who served in the DR. While it may seem confusing, the reason for this situation is simply a matter of timing and specific interests. As a result, each group focused its efforts and support on a different approach to help resolve current issues and needs in the Dominican Republic. These three groups were: the Fondo Quisqueya Foundation ("Fondo Q"); the Andrés S. Hernández Foundation ("Hernandez Foundation"), now defunct; and Friends of the Dominican Republic ("FDR"). All three were formed as 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations.
Fondo Q was founded in 1987 and the Hernández Foundation was founded a few years later. Both were created before FDR and with very specific missions and purposes: Fondo Q provides grants and scholarships to low income Dominicans to assist the grantees in acquiring traditional or non-traditional education or training in the DR. The Hernández Foundation provided an annual award, including a cash prize, to a Dominican individual or an organization in the DR that had demonstrated exceptional leadership in his, her or its field of endeavor. FDR is a member-based organization, affiliated with the National Peace Corps Association, and is a typical “Friends of” organization with multiple missions and purposes. It is a broad umbrella under which programs with specific missions and purposes could easily find a home and sponsorship. Things simply happened backwards: the organization with the broadest mission was the last to be formed.
FQ and FDR, the only remaining organizations, share a dedication to remain connected to the DR and to serve Dominicans. Each organization has evolved its own separate and distinct policies and procedures for accomplishing its goals. Their respective Boards of Directors, therefore, have decided to remain independent while continuing to collaborate. Both organizations are in need of time, talent and financial support. RPCVs are encouraged to consider donating to one or more of these organizations as a way of continuing to address on-going needs in the Dominican Republic. 

Fondo Quisqueya P.O. Box 6628, Falls Church, VA 22040-6628 Email: fondoquisqueyausa@yahoo.com