A Short Organizational History
Fondo Quisqueya (FQ) was founded in 1987 at the 25th Anniversary celebration of the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic. Formed by Returned Peace Corps Volunteers RPCVs) and former staff who served in the DR, FQ originally operated under the auspices of Sister Cities International. In 1992, Minor Anderson, Lou Ferrand, Lynda Edwards, Tom Gittins, and B.J. Warren incorporated FQ in Alexandria, Virginia; the next year, FQ received its nonprofit status from the IRS and begin operating independently of Sister Cities.
FQ’s first grant was given on December 18, 1989 to Mr. Juan Montón, to attend a drafting school in Santiago. Since 1989, FQ has donated an average of approximately US$7,500 per year to an average of nearly 70 individuals and groups for various types of training and education. In addition, in 1999, FQ donated more than US $14,000 to help rebuild several schools in Hato Rey, an area of the DR that was severely damaged by Hurricane George. After another hurricane in 2004, FQ donated funds to help repair schools and provide replacement school supplies in Las Lagunas de Nisibon, Arroyo Grande, and Nagua.

Fondo Quisqueya P.O. Box 6628, Falls Church, VA 22040-6628 Email: fondoquisqueyausa@yahoo.com