Who We Are

Fondo Quisqueya is a small 501(c)(3) nonprofit formed by former US Peace Corps Volunteers and Staff that provides low income Dominicans in the Dominican Republic with scholarships and grants for educational and training purposes designed to help them in bettering their lives and to help them attain personal development, skills, and advancement.

 Vision, Mission, and Goal
Fondo Quisqueya's VISION is:
That all low-income Dominicans obtain the education and skills they need to be gainfully employed.
This vision motivates our MISSION, which is to:
Provide grants and scholarships to low-income Dominicans for education/training in the Dominican Republic, leading to employment opportunities.
To achieve this mission, our GOAL is to:
Provide a minimum total of US$12,000 in grants and scholarships to between 20-40 low-income Dominicans each year.

Fondo Quisqueya P.O. Box 6628, Falls Church, VA 22040-6628 Email: fondoquisqueyausa@yahoo.com